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We need more data for spatial conservation prioritisation… but which data matter most? [también en español]

Spatially-explicit conservation decisions rely on having information on where biodiversity assets are (e.g. threatened species), but also the location of threats and habitat condition (e.g. degraded vs pristine habitats). Another important consideration is the cost of acting at different locations … Continue reading

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Open source hardware for conservation

Last week I was happy to find several papers in Methods in Ecology and Evolution (one of my favourite journals) that presented open-source tools. Two of these present open-source software (the ViXeN stand-alone package for camera trap picture management, by … Continue reading

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The University of Melbourne supports drone-based research

The end of February saw the launch of the new Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform (MUASIP). Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – often simply known as drones – offer great opportunities for remotely imaging or sensing the natural and build … Continue reading

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Conservation 3.0?

I have just returned from ICCB2015, the bi-annual International Congress for Conservation Biology, which gathered over 2000 people in the beautiful city of Montpellier (southern France) around a common interest in biodiversity conservation. I really enjoyed it, and as usual … Continue reading

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Is your SDM fit for purpose?

For an answer to that important question, check out Gurutzeta’s blog post about our recent paper (Guillera-Arroita et al. 2015 GEB)!

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Technology in Ecology

The last decade has witnessed tremendous advances in technology. Electronics and manufacturing have reduced prices to the point that many devices, whose use was historically limited to businesses or large institutions, are now available at a consumer and hobbyist level. … Continue reading

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Fox baiting experiment workshops

As part of our Adaptive Management project for malleefowl conservation (see my previous blog post), we are planning a large-scale experiment to test whether baiting for foxes (and other predators) has a beneficial effect on malleefowl populations. We want this … Continue reading

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