The University of Melbourne supports drone-based research

The end of February saw the launch of the new Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform (MUASIP). Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – often simply known as drones – offer great opportunities for remotely imagingVinyard-Arial-Imaging-3-310x232 or sensing the natural and build environments. The MUASIP is born with the aim to provide “academic and professional services and training to internal University users and external partners, to facilitate collaborations and trigger innovations in UAV development and its applications.” It will provide support and know-how related to the use of drones, integration of sensors, remote sensing and data acquisition, as well as assistance in flying drones through an agreement with the commercial operator XM2.

The platform is a collaboration between several Schools and Centres, including the School of BioSciences. As contributing member, researchers from the School have access to these services at competitive rates.

If you want more details about what MUASIP can do for your project, please contact me (as the BioSciences representative in the MUASIP platform), or Rodger Young (riy[at], the platform manager.

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