Fox baiting experiment workshops

As part of our Adaptive Management project for malleefowl conservation (see my previous blog post), we are planning a large-scale experiment to test whether baiting for foxes (and other predators) has a beneficial effect on malleefowl populations.

We want this experiment to have paired ‘treatment’ (baited) and ‘control’ (unbaited) sites, and have spatial replication across the range of the species… that is, from Western Australia all the way to New South Wales! To achieve this, we need many ‘sites’ to participate. These sites need to have malleefowl breeding in them, and some of these must have (or plan to have) baiting as a management action. Malleefowl breeding activity monitoring (following the standard procedures used country-wide) will be our means to observe potential differences in the response between baited and unbaited sites.

In order to find suitable sites we recently held two workshops, in Perth and Mildura, with land managers across Australia. Cindy has just posted an excellent blog entry with more details on these workshops, check it out here!

And of course a big thank you to all the participants from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales!

Perth workshop

Describing site characteristics in our workshop in Perth

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