Congratulations to Phil and his team! They got the second prize at the EDG video competition 2014 !!!

Phil and his team If you haven’t watched the video yet, you can find it in my previous blog or in Gurutzeta’s blog.

Some people have asked about how the video was created, so we list here the main technical details:

• The technique used is called ‘stop motion’, where a sequence of still pictures is put together in a video to create the impression of movement.

• High resolution pictures with a digital camera mounted on a tripod, using a remote infrared trigger. Tripod (or a stable surface) and trigger were essential to ensure stability of the frame throughout the process of taking hundreds of pictures.

• The pictures were combined into a video with program iMovie (the default video editing tool in Macs) with a frame rate of 10 frames per second.

• Floating text and figures were incorporated manually into each frame using Photoshop.

• The floating text itself was created by hand with one of the cheap animation tools (i.e. Loop) for iPad.

• Audio: captured with an external microphone and incorporated into the final video in the video editing tool.

• Sound effects and the music clip in the Bloopers video come from the free library within iMovie (and are royalty-free under license Apple inc. iLife software).

And, by the way, happy 40th anniversary to the Playmobil, who were created in 1974!


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1 Response to Congratulations!

  1. Patrick Pigott says:

    Fantastic result

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